Muhammad Affif Bin Azmi

Course/University: Software Engineering / University of Malaya

Period of internship: 1 August 2023 to 26 January 2024

Internship function: Engineering - Frontend

My Bitlab internship

My Bitlab internship has been fantastic. The welcoming atmosphere made me feel part of the team from day one. Everyone is incredibly nice and supportive, always ready to share their knowledge. The level of understanding and encouragement, especially when I faced any challenges is exceptional. It's not just a workplace, it is a community where collaboration and support are integral. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a positive and enriching experience at Bitlab.

What I like about my internship experience

  • Diverse Project Exposure
    I thoroughly enjoyed the diverse range of projects I worked on as a Front End Intern at Bitlab. From Crafting responsive and visually appealing user interfaces to implementing interactive features, each project provided a unique set of challenges. These projects not only improved my technical skills in HTML, CSS, and Typescript but also improved my understanding of what is the best implementation to do in certain tasks.

  • Learning Opportunities and Mentorships
    The Internship also offered unparalleled learning opportunities that significantly enhanced and boosted my growth as a Frontend developer. Not only learn through my supervisor, but each project also required me to work with different Seniors Frontend in every project I have been to. Working closely with seniors provided me with a comprehensive understanding of different aspects and fields within Frontend development. resembling a puzzle where each piece, when combined contributes to becoming a proficient and good Front End developer. This supportive learning environment not only elevated the quality of my work but also ensured that I stayed current with the rapidly evolving landscape of frontend development.

  • Open and Collaborative Culture
    What stood out to me was the open and collaborative culture at Bitlab.The team's willingness to share knowledge and engage in regular discussions created a positive and motivating work environment. Participating in code reviews not only improved the overall quality of the projects but also emphasized the importance of effective communication and collaboration in a professional setting.

Challenges that I met during my internship

  • Technical Implementation
    One challenge I encountered during my internship involved the implementation and technical skills of a complex data visualization component using Vue as this is a new Framework I learn when I enter Bitlab. Hence I still lack technical skills and knowledge of what is Vue capable of. The only way of overcoming this challenge is by asking seniors and browsing it through the internet. This challenge not only deepened my understanding of the Vue Framework but also honed my problem-solving skills and learn how things are done in Bitlab.

  • Project Deadline and Prioritization
    Another significant challenge I faced was managing tight project deadlines and prioritizing tasks efficiently. At one point, I remember I was juggling multiple projects simultaneously. Even though it is not a complex task, some of it still needs some time to figure out the best implementation to be used. This experience taught me the importance of staying organized and communicating effectively with our project managers and team.

What I learned from my internship

  • Cross-Functional Understanding
    Exploring cross-functional exposure within the company broadened my perspective on how different departments collaborate. Understanding of the interconnectedness of Frontend and Backend roles not only contributed to my personal growth but also provided insights into the holistic functioning of the organization.

  • Time Management and Project Prioritization
    Managing multiple projects simultaneously taught me valuable lessons in time management and task prioritization. Juggling tight deadlines requires strategic planning and adaptability, skills that are crucial in a fast-paced development environment.

  • Effective collaboration and Communication with teams are very important
    Collaborating with a dynamic team highlighted the significance of effective communication and teamwork in achieving project goals. Participating in code reviews and regular discussions not only improved the quality of my work but also taught me the importance of clear communication and collaboration in a professional setting.

My advice for internship

  • Proactive Engagement with the Team is crucial
    One key Piece of advice for a successful internship is to proactively engage with the team in discussions. Actively seek opportunities to collaborate, ask questions and contribute to discussions. This will make us understand deeply on what is the requirement in each task.
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