Building the Foundation for Optimised Fitness Journeys

In the dynamic world of fitness, Evolution Wellness, the organisation behind leading fitness brands in the ASEAN region, found itself grappling with a challenge. Legacy issues on their Fitness First websites were acting as roadblocks, hindering their ability to make the most of online opportunities. Real-time data collection, a unified user view, and the ability to respond to customers swiftly were not possible with their existing digital solution.

Evolution Wellness and Bitlab joined forces, kicking off a collaborative effort. Their first mission: revamp the Fitness First websites across five countries, including the enhancement of the e-commerce journey. The objective? To set the stage for scalability, gearing up for the future of personalized marketing, automation, and responsiveness to user needs.

Using technologies like Sitecore 10 and Sitecore Experience Accelerator, Bitlab unified the multi-country websites under a single Content Management System (CMS). As the engineering team built the new online landscape, every detail was attended to, ensuring the site was optimized to its fullest potential.

As a result, these sites achieved a high performance rating. Even with more video and images than the previous version, they were ready to lead the charge in efficient lead generation and sales initiatives.

With the new websites now in place, Evolution Wellness gained control over different markets, making updates of localized content efficient.

And so, the story of Evolution Wellness and Bitlab continues, delving deeper into the data space and expanding to cover other brands within the Evolution Wellness portfolio.

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